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Once valued as high as gold, herbs and spices have a history as gold as civilization itself. They have been used for ages throughout Asia, Arabic and the Mediterranean region. Specifically Indian Spices have been a subject of delight for culinary experts from all over the globe.

Spices share enviable Shelf – space in kitchens globally & excitement to every meal. They are integral to your meal and contribute aroma, taste, flavor, color and pungency to it.

Millions are now imported globally every year & an impressive 46% of this supply comes from India.India's spices export has shown spectacular growth at the global market within a short span.

Trillium Exports, are Exporters of Indian Spices, Herbs & Oil Seeds & an ISO 22000-2005 (Food Safety Management System), ISO 9001-2005 (Quality Management System) Company & an FSSAI License Holder for its Products that have set a benchmark with exemplary quality.